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Open House International (OHI) is an interdisciplinary research journal in architecture, building technology, housing, urban design and planning.

Open House International (OHI) is an interdisciplinary research journal in built environment studies speaking to the disciplines and areas of interest in architecture, building technology, housing, urban design and planning. The journal aims at establishing effective links between theory and design and education and practice in these fields. OHI publishes articles in the following two areas as they relate to the built environment.

Socially and Culturally Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism: This area involves a range of topics that include action planning; affordable homes; building and urban design; building design & planning for social sustainability; culture and built form; gender issues in design; habitat agenda; housing planning and production; slum improvement and redevelopment; socio-spatial justice; user participation; vernacular architecture and self-built housing development.

Built Environment Tectonics and Technologies: This area involves topics that include building technologies and materiality; building performance and energy simulation and conservation strategies; environmental planning and design; open building; prefabrication and industrialisation; restoration and conservation technologies; tectonics of traditional and contemporary architecture; and application of information technologies in design and construction processes.

Brief History

Open House International was founded by Nicholas Wilkinson in 1976 and acquired by Emerald in 2020. For more than four decades, Prof. Wilkinson led the Journal until sadly passing away in 2017. Prof. Ashraf Salama has been a collaborating editor since 2006 and Prof. Yonca Hurol has been the international technical editor of the journal since 2010. With the transition to Emerald we aim to strengthen ties among scholars worldwide, diversify our content, and address issues of concern to the global community of architects and planners working in built environment related fields. In 2022, Prof. Salama has stepped aside and became an honorary editor and Dr Chaham al-Allouch became co-chief editor with Prof Hurol.

See editorials which reflect on key evolutionary aspects of the journal. Salama, A.M. and Hurol, Y. (2020), "Polyphonic narratives for built environment research" https://doi.org/10.1108/OHI-05-2020-0026 & Hurol, Y. and Salama A. M. (2020), "On Open House International, the open building, and Nicholas Wilkinson" https://doi.org/10.1108/OHI-12-2020-105

OHI Special Issues

Urban Transformations in Rapidly Growing Contexts, Vol 44 No 4, December 2019.

Yonca Hurol & Ashraf M. Salama, On Rapid Urban Transformations.

Research Perspectives on Urban Performance, Vol 44 No 1, March 2019.

Ashraf M. Salama & David Grierson, Urban Performance Between the Imagined, the Measured, and the Experienced.

Advances in Sustainable Architecture & Urbanism, Vol 41 No 4, December 2016.

David Grierson & Ashraf M. Salama, Forging Advances in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism.

Architecture & Urbanism in the Global South, Vol 41 No 2, June 2016.

Ashraf M. Salama & David Grierson, An Expedition into Architecture and Urbanism of the Global South.

Unveiling Urban Transformations in the Arabian Peninsula, Vol 38 No 4, December 2013.

Ashraf M. Salama & Florian Wiedmann, Editorial: Evolving Urbanism of Cities on the Arabian Peninsula.

Urban Space Diversity: Paradoxes and Realities, Vol 37 No 2, June 2012.

Ashraf M. Salama & Alain Thierstein, Rethinking Urban Diversity: Paradoxes and Realities.

Affordable Housing, Quality, and Lifestyle Theories, Vol 36 No 3, September 2011.

Ashraf M. Salama & Urmi Sengputa, Changing Paradigms in Affordable Housing, Quality, and Lifestyle Theories.

Shaping the Future of Learning Environments: Emerging Paradigms and Best Practices, Vol 34 No 1, March 2009.

Ashraf M. Salama, A Bright Future for Creating Environments Conducive to Learning.

Ecotourism and Ecolodges: Sustainable Planning and Design for Environmentally Friendly Tourism Facilities, Vol 32 No 4, December 2007.

Ashraf M. Salama, Whatever the Name is, the Concern is for People and Environments.

Design Studio Teaching Practices: Between Traditional, Revolutionary, and Virtual Models, Vol 31 No 3, September 2006.

Ashraf M. Salama, Committed Educators are Reshaping Studio Pedagogy.