Critical Essays

Contributing more than 50 essays Professor Salama has published in the regional and international press on critical analysis of designed environments, architectural identity, place production, and education and practice. The following is a list of selected essays published over more than two decades in regional and international trade and professional design and architecture magazines.

List of Critical Essays

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Feature Essays

Salama, A. M. (2020). After Coronavirus: How Seasonal Migration and Empty Centres Might Change Our Cities, The Conversation - United Kingdom, 15 June 2020.

Salama, A. M. (2019). Substance and Sustenance: The Cambridge Central Mosque in Earth Harmony, Faith and Form, Essex - Connecticut, United States, Vol 52 No 3, pp. 14-19.

Salama, A. M. (2017). Obituary: Thomas A. Dutton -- Note a Departure but a Legacy of Dialogic Learning in Architecture, Charrette, 4(2), pp. 122-127. See also here on Charrette

Salama, A. M. (2014). Intervention Urbanism: The Delicacy of Aspirational Change in the Old Center of Doha, Urban Pamphleteer: UCL Urban Laboratory. London, United Kingdom, pp. 1-3.

Salama, A. M. (2010), Gardens Beneath Which Rivers Flow: Water in the Muslim Constructed Landscape, Faith and Form, Essex - Connecticut, United States, Vol 43 No 3, pp. 30-36

Salama, A. M. (2009), Yellow Urban Alternatives for a Green and Orange Context, Belfast-Northern Ireland, Architects for Peace, September 2009, Melbourne, Australia, Online Essays.

Salama, A. M. (2008), Sustainable Tourism:Exploring the Fragile Environment in Egypt, The Big Project, CPI Industries, Issue 14, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pp. 40-53.

Salama, A. M. (2008), Cairo’s Plurality of Architectural Trends and the Continuous Search for Identity, Special Edition of Viewpoints, Middle East Institute, American University, Washington, DC. United States. pp. 13-16.