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Ashraf Salama's work involves contributions to international research on architecture and urbanism as well as continuous writings on architectural pedagogy.  He contributed a number of book chapters and as part of monographs and volumes edited by scholars across the various contexts.

List of Book Chapters

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Feature Chapters

Salama, A. M. (2023), "Learning About" and "Learning From": Enabling Approaches for Decolonizing Architectural Pedagogy in the Global South. In H. Harriss, A. M. Salama, & A. Gonzalez Lara (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Architectural Pedagogies of the Global South (1st ed., pp. 24-33). (Routledge International Handbooks). Routledge, London

Salama, A. M. (2022), Decolonizing Architectural Knowledge: Situating Middle Eastern Pedagogies in a Globalizing World. In M. Gharipour, & D. E. Coslett (Eds.), Islamic Architecture Today and Tomorrow: (Re)Defining the Field (pp. 222-232). (Critical Studies in Architecture of the Middle East). Intellect, Bristol.

Salama, A. M. (2021), Transdisciplinary Thinking for Conceptualising Borders and Boundaries. In S. Girginkaya Akdağ, et al. (eds), The Dialectics of Urban and Architectural Boundaries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. (The Urban Book Series), Springer, Switzerland. pp. 1-8.

Salama, A. M. (2021), Foreword: Rethinking the 'Lived' Within the 'Urban' of the Middle Eastern City. In S. Azzali, S. Mazzetto, & A. Petruccioli  (eds), Urban Challenges in the Globalizing Middle-East: Social Value of Public Spaces.(The Urban Book Series), Springer, Switzerland. pp. v-vii.

Wiedmann, F. and Salama, A. M. (2019), Mapping Lefebvre's Theory on the Production of Space to an Integrated Approach for Sustainable Urbanism. In M. E. Leary-Owhin and J. P. McCarthy (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Henri Lefebvre, The City and Urban Society (1st ed.), Routledge, London.

Salama, A. M. (2018), Post-professional Architecture and Academia. In H. Sadri (ed.), Neo-liberalism and the Architecture of the Post Professional Era. (The Urban Book Series), Springer, Switzerland. pp. 271-277.

Salama, A. M. (2017), Evolution in the Arab Region. In Carughi, U. and Visone, M. (eds), Time Frames: Conservation Policies for Twentieth-Century Architectural Heritage. Routledge: London. pp. 365-371.

Salama, A. M. and Wiedmann, F. (2016), Fragmentation and Continuity in Qatar's Urbanism: Towards a Hub Vision. In Tok, M. E., Alkhater, L. R. M., and Pal, L. A. (eds), Policy-Making in a Transformative State. Plagrave Macmillam, London. pp. 155-177.

Salama, A. M. (2016), Evolutionary Interventions in Search of National Architectural Identity. In Molinari, L. and Jaidah, I. (eds), AEB 1966-2016: Fifty Years of Architectural Design in Qatar. Skira, Milan, Italy. pp. 8-19.

Salama, A. M. (2015), A Socio-Anthropological Approach for Exploring Housing Culture in Contemporary Cairo. In A. Picone (ed), Culture mediterranee dell’abitare: Mediterranean housing cultures (Inhabiting the Future; Vol. 7). CLEAN Publishers, Napoli, Italy, pp. 128-137.

Salama, A. M. (2012), Assessing Qatar University’s Campus Outdoor Spaces: Design Intentions Versus Users’ Reactions. In S. Mallory-Hill, W. Preiser and C. Watson (eds), Enhancing Building Performance. John Wiley and Sons, New York, pp.139-150.

Salama, A. M. (2011), Identity Flows: The Arabian Peninsula, Emerging Metropolises. In Luis Fernández-Galiano (ed), ATLAS-Architectures of the 21st Century - Africa and Middle East. Fundación BBVA, Madrid, Spain. pp. 175-221.